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Random Happenings

Random Adam
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These are experiences I have had where I have been really random

These will be some of the most random things you have ever read in your life.

I don't know what to put here

When: Summer of 2004

Where: Uganic Bay, Alaska

Person: So are you guys liking dinner

Everybody: Yes

Random Adam (me): Hey everybody look it's 9:11!
When: Febuary 24th

Where: Sayulita, Mexico

What: My friend dared me to be really random when we wen't surfing

Random Adam: Sombody call a doctor! Somebody call a doctor! 'cus Phabio's in town!

Friend: Is Phabio a boy or a girl?

Random Adam: Both!!!
Where: At a friends house

When: March 17, 2006

Random Adam: Good bye sun I had a great day with you

Friend: You always say that when the sun is setting, It's so random.

Random Adam: I think Carly is going to survive.

Friend: Who's Carly

Random Adam: I don't know
Where: The School Gym

When: May 1st, 2006

Person: Are you gay, straight, or lesbian.

Random Adam: I'm gay but that's a different reason, my daughter proposed to me.

Person: You don't have a daughter your just a kid.

Random Adam: I know.